What are the pay scale of uae army?

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What is a Grade 6 pay scale in the Army?

A grade six (6) pay scale in the Army would fall under two categories. The first is officer's pay, an O-6, which also is known as a colonel. The second "six" pay scale is a staff sergeant's pay, ... Read More »

What was the Army pay scale in 1983 for PFC?

Well, for me a married private in 1983 was $383.00 + baq + sep. rations = some $600/mo.

What was the army pay scale in 1950?

What was the british army pay scale in 2008?

The 2008 British Army pay scale varied by position and ranking designation. Soldier pay ranged between £19,628.52 and £22,959.72, while warrant officers earned between £39,042.12 and £42,389.16... Read More »