What are the pay scale of uae army?

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What is a Grade 6 pay scale in the Army?

A grade six (6) pay scale in the Army would fall under two categories. The first is officer's pay, an O-6, which also is known as a colonel. The second "six" pay scale is a staff sergeant's pay, ... Read More »

What was the army pay scale in 1950?

What is the pay scale for a PFC just entering the Army?

Depends on different variables, do you have kids, are you married, are you gonna live off base, etc... if you answered no it is about 27,000 a year. More if you are over seas. Your recruiter should... Read More »

Is the pay scale for the VA higher than the army?

Starting pay for enlisted men and women in the army is generally lower than that for registered nurses, social workers, physicians and other professional employees of Veteran Affairs (VA) hospital... Read More »