How to Dry Chilies?

Answer Drying chili peppers is an ideal way to preserve an abundant harvest or leftover supply for future use. Dried chilies are very versatile, and when done correctly, you can use them as-is or re-const... Read More »

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How to Preserve Chilies?

Large quantities of chili (fresh and green) can be preserved for later use in two very simple ways. With the current high food prices,why throw away? Avoid wastage by following the simple instructi... Read More »

Chilies restaurant location?

Go to the Chili's website and find one in your area'

What part of the plant do chilies come from?

Chili plants all have leaves, flowers and fruits. Chili pepper fruits are the edible part of the plants and come in a variety of shapes, flavors and colors. Some chili peppers have a very mild heat... Read More »

When buying Poblano chilies, how do you make sure you get the flavorful ones?

Don't get them at walmart.I suspect that a lot of these peppers are watered a lot to rush them to market. I've noticed a major difference between the mild ones at walmart and the ones I get at th... Read More »