What is the Name of small insect endind in IC?

Answer Tic.

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What is the name of an underwater swimming insect that looks like a row boat with oars?

The Corixa punctata it is also known as the lesser water boatman. An insect of order Hemiptera. It always looks as if it is under the surface of the water, but is actaully swimming on the surfaceM... Read More »

What does insect spray do to a spider (or an insect) when you spray it?

the majority of the sprays effect the nervous system...some interfere with the signal from the nerve to muscle, some interfere with the signal nerve to nerve. Actually there is a lot more to it th... Read More »

What is the name of the small bottles of champagne ?

The smallest normal bottles are called Quarters. 18.75cl.

What is another name for small waterfalls?

Another name for small waterfalls is a cascade, which is a series of small waterfalls that typically descend over rocks or other outgrowths in the earth. Cascades can be natural or man-made, with s... Read More »