Is it possible to be muslim and gay or it's a sin to be muslim and gay you can't be both things?

Answer All the religions are same. they all dont allowed gay.if you are gay and go to church, they will give you dirty looks.but in islam. They are muslim guys who are gay....but when they go to mosq, the... Read More »

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How to Become a Muslim?

Islam is the Way of Natural Disposition [Deen-ul-Fitrah]. Islam is not a new religion, instead it is the recovery and preservation of the original system of belief revealed to Abraham, Moses, David... Read More »

How to Be a Muslim?

Being a good Muslim is not really hard, doing things likekeeping up with prayers and all the rules you have to follow. One wikihow article is nowhere near enough to learn all about Islam, but here ... Read More »

Would you let a muslim dr. be your dr.?

for sure!!!!!!!i have a muslim pulmonologist that has more degrees than any doctor i have ever seen in my life. he is smart, nice, funny, and caring. there are many muslim doctors, and regular ever... Read More »

How to Have a Muslim Wedding?

Muslims who don't come from Muslim families are often at a loss in terms of wedding planning, as what's considered traditional for their families may not be appropriate. Muslims who come from Musli... Read More »