What Southern U.S. state capital was named for the Western& Atlantic Railroad?

Answer Atlanta, the capital and most populous city of Georgia, was named after the Western and Atlantic Railroad in 1842. The name was suggested by J. Edgar Thomson and shortened from "Atlantica-Pacifica.... Read More »

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Western State Consortium of Colleges?

With college tuition rates steadily increasing, parents and students alike are searching for ways to reduce higher education costs. In some cases, a student may want to attend an out-of-state schoo... Read More »

Who are the most beautiful and sexy oriental or western. ?

I would have to say eastern by a short margin, just my opinion from travelling around a bit

What time will president's state of union be telecast western time?

George Washington gave the first address. However, no other presidents gave a public address for the State of the Union until Woodrow Wilson. It has been the custom ever since.

How many miles is the western most part of Russia from the east coast of the us?