How to Discuss Religion With a Mormon?

Answer Mormons are, for the most part, intelligent, kind people and are often quite willing to discuss various religions. They are also eager to talk about their own religion and why they believe they way... Read More »

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Religion-Based Activities for the Classroom?

Religious-based schools and religious-education classes use crafts and projects to help students better understand the stories, meanings and practices behind their faith. Whether young children are... Read More »

Did Steven Colbert do a decent job of articulating some of the absurdity of the Mormon religion on his show The Colbert Report on Comedy Central?

Of course Mormons don't appreciate being the butt of jokes or being considered absurd, but Stephen Colbert has done a pretty good job of being both humorous and respectfully fair on his show. Of co... Read More »

Is there are christian based religion that is all about celebrating Electronics?

The Church of Electrolysis I believe, it's either religious or something, but everyone comes out on Sunday completely bald, so be careful

How to Attend a Mormon Service if You're Not Mormon?

An LDS meetinghouse.Did one of your Mormon friends just invite you to church, or a religious activity? Here's what to expect.