What is the Minimum bedroom size set by the ICC?

Answer The min size of a bedroom is 70 square feet with no dimension less than 7 feet, so a 10 x 7 would be the smallest size. If the ceiling is sloped it may have to bigger.

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Is there a minimum HDD size for this motherboard?

Hard drive and memory are two completely different things but yes the salesman was talking out of his backside. The only minimum for a hard drive is having enough space on it for windows and your a... Read More »

What is the minimum size of door?

Answer There is no physical minimum door size - custom doors can be made to any size. There might be building codes for your area specifying what the minimum door size is for a commercial or reside... Read More »

What is the minimum size of a condominium board?

Ideal boards are numbered with odd numbers. This means there will always be a majority vote. Depending on the size of your community, you may want three or five or seven board members.Larger commun... Read More »

What size TV should I get for my 13'X10' bedroom?

Get a 28, 32 or 37 inch LCD TVDon't get a plasma its not worth it for a 360..T.Vs are not mean't for the living room but rather the bedroom..Everyone else is wrong..But now in the modern world peop... Read More »