What is the Mileage from High Point NC to Dillard GA?

Answer We live in a 850 sq ft. house (~10 yrs old) that we pay $900/month in rent(which is really good deal for living west of downtown). On average we pay $180 for our utilities. Our gas bill fluctuates ... Read More »

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What Makes High Mileage Motor Oil Different From Regular Motor Oil?

Dozens of different motor oil formulations are available on today's market, and each claims that it's a better value than the others. In a sense, they are all correct. Modern engine oil is very dif... Read More »

Why petrol has low flash point and high auto ignition point than diesel?

the higher self ignition temperature of the petrol is due to the low density than the diesel. as density = pressure / (R* temperature) R= universal gas constant. ex. hydrogen (gas) has density ... Read More »

What Is High Mileage Oil?

Motor oil was developed to lubricate the moving parts of internal combustion engines. In addition to its lubricating properties, oil also helps prevent corrosion, acts as an engine coolant, and ser... Read More »

What is considered high mileage on automobiles?

A high-mileage vehicle is basically one that has been consistently driven beyond the standard 15,000 miles per year. The average 5-year-old vehicle will have run up 75,000 miles. Many motor oil ven... Read More »