What is the Meaning of Shiraz?

Answer Shiraz is a dark-skinned grape which is cultivated throughout the world to produce red wine. Shiraz is also the name of the varietal wine produced from the grape.NomenclatureIn France, both the gra... Read More »

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SHIRAZ is a city in Iran, and also a name of a kind of wine. I think this wine was first created in Shiraz ?

Wine was pressed in Shiraz over a thousand years before wine grapes were brought to Australia...I vote for Shiraz, Iran as where the varietal came from...

What is a shiraz wine?

Shiraz is the Australian name for Syrah, a grape varietal that creates full-bodied red wines. Australian vintners first marketed wines of this varietal under the name Shiraz, with winemakers from o... Read More »

What is shiraz red wine?

Selecting a wine can be an intimidating task for the casual drinker. With different varieties, ages and countries of origin, it can be difficult even to know where to start. Shiraz, a popular red w... Read More »

Is Shiraz a red wine?

Shiraz is an Australian red wine that is called Syrah in the United States and France. It possesses a spicy, fruit flavor, and is paired with meats, such steak and wild game. It is ready to drink i... Read More »