What is the Mayo diet plan?

Answer The Mayo Clinic created the two-phase Mayo Clinic Diet to give dieters a healthy, effective way to lose weight by eating a calorie-controlled diet and increasing physical activity. It is based on t... Read More »

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What's the difference between Japanese mayo & American mayo?

ONE ELEMENT: MSGThe Japanese "Kewpie" Brand mayo. contains MSG which explains why it tastes so good.A good American substitute is Duke's Mayo. (no MSG).

What would you consider to be the best diet plan out there?

to change your life, change your mind.develop the following habits:raw fruits -- no canned onesraw vegetables -- no canned onesfresh meats and fishwhole eggs -- non stick skilletalmondssoy nutswhol... Read More »

Please help me on my diet plan!?

No granola bar! Nothing in packages is good lol it's really 80% percent of the diet or lifestyle so working out just helps aid in weight loss. Good luck you can do it :)

The Fat Smash Diet Plan?

The Fat Smash Diet plan is a 90-day weight loss program that consists of four phases and is promoted by its creator, Dr. Ian Smith, M.D., as a diet plan that offers flexible low-fat menu options an... Read More »