What is the Marine Corps motto?

Answer According to the Navy webside, the United States Marine Corps is a branch of the armed forces that operates under the Department of the Navy. The official Marine Corps motto is "Semper Fidelis," th... Read More »

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What does the U.S.. Marine Corps motto mean?

"Semper Fidelis" is the U.S. Marine Corps motto and it means "Always Faithful." The Latin phrase was officially adopted by the Corps in 1883 and replaced other mottoes of the 1800s, including "Fort... Read More »

What is the motto of the Marine Corps?

The Motto of the Marine Coprs is Semper Fidelis, or Semper Fi for short. It is latin meaing "Always Faithful."

What is Marine Corps University motto?

When and where is the Marine Corps Birthday Ball for Marine Corps Air Station Yuma?

This depends what squadron you are attached to. For example Mals-13 has had a few birthday balls in Las Vegas. Usually around the 10th on November.