How to Become a Bail Bondsman?

Answer Being a bail bondsman can be a profitable, yet risky, business. Not all states allow arrested persons to post commercial bail. However, these companies are very popular in the states that do allow ... Read More »

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How to Find a Bail Bondsman?

Bailing someone out of jail isn’t particularly difficult. There are some who would even go as far as to say that it was incredibly easy, but that really depends on a number of different factors.

Why do you need a bail bondsman in California?

When you're tried in court and need money quickly to pay your bail, you typically need the service of a bail bondsman. In California, bail bondsmen work with all areas of the court and provide help... Read More »

How much does a bail bondsman make?

Bail bondsmen typically make 10 percent of the bail amount. Some states require a $100 minimum for bail bonding. Depending on risk calculation, some bail bondsman require a cosigner or collateral t... Read More »

How to Become a Bail Bondsman in Nevada?

A bail bondsman provides security in the form of a bond. This allows the accused to remain free, promising to return for his court hearing. In return, the accused pays a fee to the bail bondsman. I... Read More »