What are the odds of the MPAA catching me based on having a VPN?

Answer no they probably have something a bit better than that. Instead of worrying about them catching you why don't you focus on deleting all those torrents off your drive and wiping the space then there... Read More »

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How to Understand the Differences in the MPAA Movie Ratings System?

MPAA is the abbreviated form of Motion Picture Association of America. The main job of MPAA is to assign ratings to movies based on their theme, language used in the movie, violence, nudity, sex an... Read More »

MPAA admits study on downloading exaggerated losses by $2 billion?

I agree with not stealing intellectual property. But I don't think your stealing if your copying your own DVD collection to ether your computer or phone, (BTW nice phone).The idea that they lied d... Read More »