What is the Life expectancy of a household refrigerator?

Answer Major appliances Appliance Expected life in yearsMicrowave oven 10 Garbage disposal 10-12 Trash compactor 10 Water heater, gas 11-13 Water heater, electric 13-14 Water heater, tankless (on demand)... Read More »

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What Is the Life Expectancy of a LCD TV?

Purchasing a new LCD TV can be a big commitment for many consumers. These TVs are often fairly expensive, and require research to ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. One of the... Read More »

What is an LTO tape's life expectancy?

A Linear Tape-Open (LTO) cartridge can last for as many as 30 years in storage and still be readable. Regular use decreases the durability of the tape. Manufacturers' claims vary regarding the dura... Read More »

What is a laptop battery life expectancy?

Most laptops use lithium ion batteries. These batteries provide 2.5 to six hours of battery life when brand-new, according to the University of Iowa. Battery life expectancy decreases over time, de... Read More »

What is the life expectancy of US soldiers today?

It was formed on August 10, 1949. That's 62 years ago at the time I'm answering this question. - 03/22/2012