What is the Life Span of a Computer Monitor?

Answer A computer is useless without a monitor. Monitors come in a variety of sizes, from small mini-monitors to large screen monitors that are mounted on walls. A monitor's life expectancy will vary, dep... Read More »

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Sony LCD monitor life span?

Stick with the monitor you have provided it does what you need in terms of size and resolutionSony manufacture monitors and other electrical equipment that is of a generally very high standard and ... Read More »

What is the average life span of an LCD TV?

As with most electronic devices, the life span of an LCD TV depends on hours of usage. On average, an LCD TV will last 60,000 hours. This translates to about 20 years if you watch TV approximately ... Read More »

What is the life span of Nikon d90?

The D90 shutter is rated for 100,000 actuations. So if you shot 2100 photos per month (which is alot of shooting), you might need to have the shutter serviced for about $65 in 4 years. Of course by... Read More »

What Is the Life Span of a Honey Bee?

Honeybees have been fascinating humans since the discovery of honey as an edible substance. Honey is a thick liquid produced by certain kinds of bees when they repeatedly regurgitate flower nectar.... Read More »