Which semi-precious stone has a name that comes from the Latin for sea water?

Answer The name of the gemstone aquamarine derives from the Latin words for “sea” and “water.” Aquamarine stones range in color from pale greenish-blue to a deep blue. Aquamarine is the birthstone... Read More »

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What year did Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) come out?

The first edition of Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) was released in October 2002. The version is v. The second version of v.2 was released in 2005 and version 3 was released in 2007.... Read More »

What does the latin word sic mean?

The Latin word sic means "thus", "so", or "in such a manne." The word is used when an incorrect item is written as it appeared in its original form, either as a printed or spoken citation. Sic is u... Read More »

Latin word for sister?

What does the latin word citius mean?

The Latin word citius means "faster." The word is used in the phrase "Citius, Altius, Fortius," which is inscribed on stones at the main entrance of the ancient Greek Olympic stadium. The phrase me... Read More »