What is the Koch curve?

Answer The Koch curve is one of the earliest and most famous examples of a fractal, a geometric figure that repeats itself endlessly.OriginThe Koch curve is named after Swedish mathematician Helge Von Koc... Read More »

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What is the origin of the name Koch?

Koch is a German family name that originated in Bavaria. It is derived from the Latin word "coquus" which means the "art of cookery." Common variations of the name include Koche, Kochen, Kochs, Coc... Read More »

How could you determine the melting point of a substance from its heating curve or cooling curve?

The heating or cooling curve will have two flat parts when the temperature does not change. The flat part of the curve is when a phase change occurs. The first phase change will be from a solid to ... Read More »

What did Robert Koch discover with microscopes?

German scientist Robert Koch used microscopes to discover the specific bacteria responsible for tuberculosis, anthrax and cholera. In addition, he was also able to identify the germ responsible fo... Read More »

How can you prove that cold are caused by a different microbe to flu using Robert Koch's principle?

Four criteria that were established by Robert Koch to identify the causative agent of a particular disease, these include: 1 the microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of th... Read More »