How to have fun in traffic jams?

Answer I'm not sure if you're the type of person to gross people out or just want to make them laugh...either ought to see the reaction you get out of some people. Obviously be parked directly i... Read More »

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Does One "Kick Out The Jams", Or Does One "Kick The Jams Out"?

Well, homeless ain't so bad... there's plenty of good free stuff out there at the curb if you got ya mojo on (and you know where to look.) lol Though it does get mighty cold on the streets round h... Read More »

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How to Avoid Traffic Jams?

Los Angeles traffic.Traffic jams - the bane of your existence, and a perfect waste of time. This article will review a few ways you can try and cut traffic jams out of your life (and preserve your ... Read More »

What are some good older jams?