What is the Irish word for beer?

Answer The English to Irish, or Gaelic, word for "beer," is "beoir." In addition, the translation for "the beer," is "an bheoir," and the translation for "draft beer" is "beoir bhairille."Source:ProZ: Bee... Read More »

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How much beer do Irish men consume a year?

The Irish consume a lot of beer each year, drinking almost 50 gallons per person. That is more than the 31.4 gallons Germans drink every year and more than the average American, who consumes 22.5 g... Read More »

How to Make an Irish Car Bomb Beer Drink?

The Irish Car Bomb is a beer drink. The idea of an Irish Car Bomb is obviously to get you drunk but you can also have a lot of fun with it. Always have a friend or two, or a bunch and start racing.

How do I word invitations to an Irish wedding?

Start the invitation with the names of the bride's parents. Assuming they are married, your invitation should begin, for example, "Mr. and Mrs. Collins request the honor of your presence..."Include... Read More »

My Grandfather Franklin Lyle Taylor drank Paps beer when he was younger serving in the military during the 50s stationed from Cleveland Ohio so is that Company Irish and does it still exist?

The Pabst brewery is still operating and is an American company.