If you kill a ghost will it come back a ghost of a ghost?

Answer A ghost can't be killed, but I love those questions, I'm sure it just came to you, suddenly

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Is Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures Real?

Possibly. Who's to say that it is not. It could be a figment of our imagination or really unexplainable the lines are not scripted like operation repo or the Blair witch project perhaps, like m... Read More »

Song from tv show mediumWho was singing in the episode where the waiter in a nightclub was being haunted by his fathers ghost and his past band members ghost?

I don't think she actually has a named character in the episode, but I believe that the actress is Janette Devries (spelt as de Vires in the credits). She played the blonde, female serpent guard.Th... Read More »

Is Archie Mitchell going to return to Eastenders as a ghost to haunt Ronnie I read in the Soaplife magazing that a ghost from past comes back to haunt Ronnie?

No he isn't. This is just a phrase used to describe that something from the past is going to come back to "haunt" someone - i.e. cause them turmoil. In this case, they are revisiting the revelation... Read More »

What is the name of the holy book?

The name of the holy book is different in different religions. Christianity calls it the Bible, including the Old and New Testaments. Jews call theirs the Talmud. The main holy book of Islam is the... Read More »