What is the Hiring Process for an HR Manager?

Answer The process for hiring a human resources, or HR, manager can be different than other positions; although this ultimately depends on the company's size, organizational structure and whether it is a... Read More »

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What is the Hiring process for a CIA Protective Agent?

The OSS (Office of Strategic Services) was formed during WWII as the first US central intelligence gathering agency. In times of war, correct intelligence is priceless. After WWII, it was disbanded... Read More »

Hiring Manager Job Description?

A hiring manager is someone who recruits, interviews and hires potential employees for a company. Hiring managers read over cover letters and resumes, searching for candidates who best meet their c... Read More »

Norfolk Southern (Railroad) Hiring Process?

Keep being patient.My stepson did the same thing and it was over 2 months before he got the call.My son is going through the same thing right now.Many times they don't call you til they actually se... Read More »

Selection Tools for a Hiring Process for a Supermarket?

Supermarkets require employees with a number of skills. A produce worker, for instance, must do more than unload tomatoes. He must have expertise pertaining to fruit seasonality, preparing okra and... Read More »