What is the Gestation Period for Teddy Bear Hamsters?

Answer With their long, flowing fur, stubby tails and bright eyes, teddy bear hamsters find their way into the hearts of small animal lovers. The retail pet trade industry works with animal breeders to me... Read More »

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How big are teddy bear hamsters?

Depending on their environment, teddy bear hamsters can grow to be five inches long. However, their fluffy fur can make them look larger. Teddy bear hamsters are the second largest breed of hamster... Read More »

Where did teddy bear hamsters originate?

Teddy bear hamsters, a variety of hamster with long, soft and golden-colored fur, is native to Syria. In this Middle Eastern country, teddy bear hamsters in the wild lived underground and came out ... Read More »

Are teddy bear hamsters nocturnal?

Teddy bear hamsters, sometimes called golden hamsters, originally lived in the deserts of the Middle East, namely Syria. They built their nests underground and came out at night to forage for food.... Read More »

How much do teddy bear hamsters cost?

The average price of a teddy bear hamster is between $10 and $20 for the animal itself. Food, bedding, a water bottle, cage or glass aquarium, food dish, chew toys, exercise wheel and other hamster... Read More »