What is the French word for the symbol on a Navy CPO selectee name tag?

Answer The symbol used on a Navy Chief Petty Officer is universally a fouled (nautical) anchor with USN inscribed; the U stands for unity, S for service and N for navigation. In French, the word is medail... Read More »

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What does the navy seals symbol signifie?

There are three parts of the SEAL insignia and these symbolize the areas that Navy SEALs excel in -sea, air and land. Here is the representation of the Navy SEAL insignia: * The anchor and the tri... Read More »

What does the Eagle symbol for the U.S. Navy stand for?

How do you type the symbol x-bar (as in the mean) in Word?

Wow! Upon first glance your question appears quite simple (as most Technical/User issues usually do). However, even for someone who has been in IT for 20+ years, I have to admit that this was a r... Read More »

How do I get the mean symbol in a Word document?

Inserting the SymbolOpen the Word document. Select the "Insert" menu from the toolbar at the top of the window. Select "Symbol." Scroll through the symbols until you find the one for mean, which is... Read More »