What is the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act?

Answer The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act--one of the key pieces of legislation regulating international trade in the 1970s--helped shape the climate of the global economy today. It was passed in India, ... Read More »

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Ukraine Foreign Exchange Regulation?

Foreign exchange control regulations in the Ukraine are fairly stringent due to the fact that for many years the banks in the country had been used for extensive money laundering.

What is foreign exchange?

"Foreign exchange" refers to the world currency market. Also known as "forex" or "FX," foreign exchange is the medium through which currencies are converted and their relative values--exchange rate... Read More »

What is the foreign exchange?

The foreign exchange refers to the exchange of one country's currency for the currency of another country or group of countries that share a currency. The price at which the currencies are exchange... Read More »

What is a foreign exchange contract?

Foreign exchange or FOREX contracts are agreements to purchase a certain amount of a foreign currency for an agreed amount at a date in the future. Thousands of these contracts are traded on the FO... Read More »