How long is a flight to hawaii from san francisco?

Answer A direct flight from San Francisco to Honolulu, Hawaii takes between five hours 23 minutes and five hours 35 minutes. You can't fly direct to Hilo, but a one-stop flight takes between seven hours 1... Read More »

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If its six o'clock in the morning in Colorado what time would it be in San Francisco if you took a hour flight?

Six o'clock in the morning. CA is one hour behind. If you take off in CO at 6:00, it's 5:00 in CA. One hour later would be 6:00. However, note that the actual flight takes about 2.5 hours.

Flight Schools Near San Francisco?

Flight schools teach aspiring pilots how to fly a plane safely, while following all federal guidelines and regulations. These classes can be for the aspiring professional or just for the experience... Read More »

How long would a flight be from Colorado to San Francisco?

Non-stop could be some where around 2 hr 35 mins, give or take.

Is a flight to Hawaii international?

If your flight originated in an American state, then your trip to Hawaii is domestic. If your flight originated in Canada or some other country, then your trip to Hawaii is considered an internatio... Read More »