Please define the term ELLIPSE In MS WORD. Please be plain please.Thank you ?

Answer Ellipse does not have much of a meaning with respect to a word processor. However, ellipsis does. An ellipsis is three dots that follow a series of words and alludes to something that is not mentio... Read More »

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Please help! What is the meaning of the word "Auto Shape" in power point please help?

The shape is already drawn out for you, you can change the size.

Microsoft word nerds please! setting up a master style for the document in word?

Read below article. It may help you.…

What Are Roles of Filipino Citizens?

The most important part of any government is the people it governs, particularly its citizens. In many countries, citizens enjoy a number of exclusive rights and protections. Along with these right... Read More »

What Filipino food to eat when on a diet?

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