What is the FICA deduction on payroll checks?

Answer FICA taxes are withholdings mandated by the Federal Insurance Contribution Act. FICA withholdings are contributions to the Social Security and Medicare systems, which provide financial support and ... Read More »

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How many checks does an employer send to the insurance company under a payroll deduction plan?

Normally the employer sends 12 checks, One per month.. however most companies that are in the worksite market canaccommodate other modes, like weekly. biweekly and semimonthlyCompanies that are com... Read More »

What is the maximum FICA deduction?

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act, or FICA, tax includes Social Security--6.2 percent--and Medicare--1.45 percent. The Medicare taxes are not capped. For 2010, wages up to $106,800 are subjec... Read More »

How to Calculate Payroll Deductions for FICA?

The Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) controls the collection of Social Security and Medicare taxes. Consequently, these withholdings sometimes are noted on employee paychecks as FICA tax... Read More »

How do I Print Withholding & FICA Quickbooks Without Payroll?

The QuickBooks accounting software has the option available for small business owners to calculate payroll taxes manually. Once this feature is activated, the business owner can print reports for w... Read More »