What does the Russian word paka mean in English?

Answer The Russian word "paka" translates as "talk to you later" in English. "Schastliva" is another way to say, "talk to you later." The phrase "Do svi danya" is another way to say goodbye.References:Wom... Read More »

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How to Change the Interface From Russian to English in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word allows you to change the primary language used for almost all features, including menu tools, text and numbering. This change is performed in the "Microsoft Office Language Settings,... Read More »

what is the translation of this language in english?

it says I want a girl or a lady to sleep with me and swears at me. Source(s): native

What is the translation for the word Boricua?

The word "Boricua" is used to designate someone or something of Puerto Rican origin or heritage. It is derived from the Taino Indian name for the island of Puerto Rico, Borikan. Its original meanin... Read More »

What is the translation for the Hebrew word heylel?

The Hebrew word heylel occurs in Isaiah 14:12. The King James Bible translates it as "Lucifer" (bearer of light). The New Living Translation gives it the meaning "shining star." Heylel means the mo... Read More »