What is the ETF that tracks the falling U.S. dollar?

Answer An ETF, short for an exchange traded fund, is an investment vehicle that represents a basket of securities that tracks a particular index. They have grown in number and popularity. The short-dollar... Read More »

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Do the tracks in Moose Tracks ice cream mimic a real Moose's tracks?

No, it's just fudge sauce for the "tracks" and normally small peanut butter cups for the "leavings".

What are some cool tracks that make a reference to procrastination?

I'm not sure if Sittin On The Dock of The Bay is...but it's a good tune to waste time to:…BQ: too muchBQ2: photo radar ticketBQ3: huh....will get back to y... Read More »

What is/What causes the strange "falling" sensation during a dream or while falling asleep?

It's called a 'hypnic jerk' It's nothing to worry about. A lot of people do get this and it's most common with people who suffer from sleep deprivation. You can read more about it on the website be... Read More »

Music in the Key of Art: What are some cool tracks that reference a work of art within the title or lyrics?

'Pictures at an Exhibition' - Emerson,Lake, & Palmer'Monolith' - T. Rex'Paint by Numbers' - Al Stewart'Tapestry' - Carole King'Red Light' - Siouxsie And The Banshees (photography)'Picasso's Last Wo... Read More »