What is the Difference Between Cable Internet and DSL?

Answer Many differences exist between cable Internet and Digital Subscriber Line, or DSL Internet, but they are similar in one respect--they are both broadband Internet connections that are always on.Spee... Read More »

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Whats the difference in connecting my Xbox 360 via component cable and HDMI cable?

Wow - so many wrong answers.As long as the Component cables are rated for the high-def frequencies, they will send full 1080p to your TV and with a name-brand TV you should not be able to see any d... Read More »

What is the difference between the coaxial cable & the Optical cable, and whats better for a surround system.?

Optical transmits audio information in the form of a beam of light, digital coax uses an electrical impulse. There are differences, and you'll hear arguements for and against both, but they are so ... Read More »

Can you hook a lan cable from a blue ray player to the ethernet port on a HD cable box to get a wired internet connection?

CD is mainly used for distributing music,while DVD can store more data and used to distribute movies and BLUE RAY can hold up to 50GB.

Would a DVI cable make a difference for a 1440x900 resolution on a VGA cable?

VGA's max resolution is 1600x1200. DVI's is 2560x1600. If it only has VGA then 1600x1200 is the max resolution even if you use the adapter. It just makes DVI compatible but not DVI's resolution (th... Read More »