What is the age and value of 45 caliber us army model Ithaca m1911 A1 model 1248532?

Answer This particular M1911A1 was made in 1943.(Source: depends upon the condition of the gun. A possible range of value would be $400 to $1,500.

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What is the difference between arbitrage princing model and Capital asset pricing model?

yes you can, you dont have to buy a new simcard when you buy a new iPhone

What is difference between blending model and particulate model?

Well the first American carrier was AT&T which payed extra to be the only carrier to own the iPhone until March 2011 when Verizon broke the contract and a CDMA version was made, doubling sales.

GE Model 96 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner -What year was this model produced and how much might it be worth?

Of course not until yo plug it in and connected it to a drain line

What was the difference between the Ford Model T& Model B?

The Ford Model T was introduced in the fall of 1908, sold for $850 and was designed with a 20 horsepower four-cylinder engine. The Ford Model B Four, was introduced in 1904 with a 24 horsepower fou... Read More »