What is the Density of Closed-Cell Foam?

Answer The density of cell foam insulation is obtained by weighing a cubic foot of the foam material. Typically, closed-cell foam's density ranges from 1.7 lbs. per cubic feet to 2 lbs. per cubic feet.Sou... Read More »

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Is fireblock spray foam open or closed cell?

Fireblock spray foam, much like all GREAT STUFF products, are closed cell. This means it forms an outer skin that is water-based when cured. Open cell products can cause wood rotting or deteriation... Read More »

Surfboard Foam Density?

Surfboard foam density measures the weight of one cubic foot of the foam in the surfboard. As foam density increases, a surfboard become harder and weighs more. Foam density depends on the size, ty... Read More »

What is high density convoluted foam?

According to the University of Oklahoma, convoluted foam is foam that has a patterned surface (in contrast to more common flat surfaces). This is often seen on "eggcrate" mattress pads. High-densit... Read More »

What is the density in pounds of a memory foam mattress?

The density of most memory foam mattresses ranges from 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot, Memory Foam says. Densities can vary from 1.5 pounds to as high as 8 pounds, and the higher the den... Read More »