What if your baby has a cold severe diaper rash and a rash all over his body what could this be?

Answer There are a number of conditions that could cause a full body rash with or without cold symptoms. This is a question for your pediatrician.

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Anybody no what this rash could be?

What is this rash i have got?

im just recovering from shingles and was expecting loads of pain yet didn't get any at all but i got the rash, im ok now still got the scars, the doctor told me i could get the shingles back within... Read More »

Help with rash?

Oh dear. That rash could be caused by a number of things.Item one: You need to clean the area up. Any number of bacteria and viruses could be thriving in the dirt, depending on what it is. And news... Read More »

What could this rash be from?

Try using medicated gold bond. It's anti itch powder. If it's spreading when you touch it, it means it's infectious. Go see a dermatologist if the gold bond doesn't work. Could be normal for your ... Read More »