What is the Definition of difference in condition clause?

Answer A difference in condition clause is a provision of a D&O Liability Insurance Contract, which serves as patch for the gaps in coverage of liability of directors and officers of a company. Normally, ... Read More »

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If you've had surgery that will likely need to be repeated will future claims for this be denied under the 'pre-existing condition' clause?

%DETAILS% Answer Did you have the surgery on the same plan you have now?Did you admit to this surgery on the application?How long is the pre-x clause?Does your state require that your present cover... Read More »

What is definition of sunset clause in liability insurance policy?

It has to do with time limits where the policyholder can to bring a claim to the insurance company. Please see related link below!

What is the definition of a Sunset clause in Commercial General liability policy?

Answer A sunset clause is a provision in a liability policy which states that the insurer will respond only to losses reported before some predetermined future date (sunset), usually a set period ... Read More »

What is aetna's definition of pre existing condition?

What are pre-existing conditions and how do they impact coverage? A pre-existing condition is a health condition (other than a pregnancy) or medical problem that was diagnosed or treated during a s... Read More »