What do you call the Dalai Lama?

Answer The Dalai Lama goes by many titles. He is a Buddhist monk of the highest order, called a Tulku. He is also the spiritual leader and the head of state of Tibet. When addressing him or referring to ... Read More »

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How to Make a Salvador Dali Clock?

Here's a great way to recycle old records that you don't necessarily want to keep anymore but wouldn't mind having on display as a fun reminder of things once loved.

Where did Salvador Dali study art?

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Which art movement was Salvador Dali a part of?

The Spanish artist Salvador Dali spent the majority of his career as a prominent member of the surrealist movement of the early 20th century. Dali's "The Persistence of Memory" remains among the be... Read More »

Is the Dalai Lama a vegetarian?

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is dedicated to vegetarianism when he is at home in Dharamsala; when traveling, however, he will eat much of what is served to him, whether it is vegetarian or not. Tib... Read More »