What is the DVD read speed?

Answer The DVD read speed measures how fast the DVD player's disc drive transfers data from the disc to the computer or player. The read speed of the DVD disc drive is referred to as a multiple of X, with... Read More »

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How to Speed Read With Better Comprehension?

Most people say that they do not particularly enjoy reading. This is predominately for one reason -- they are not very good at it. This is a real shame because research has shown that the higher th... Read More »

Does a barometer read wind speed?

No, a barometer does not have the ability to read or measure wind speed. Rather, a barometer measures atmospheric pressure, changes in which can help meteorologists predict weather. Evangelista To... Read More »

Can blind people speed read?

On One Hand: Tapping PotentialMost of us don't read as fast as we are humanly able because we don't demand that of ourselves. We find a comfortable pace at which to read and maintain it. But like a... Read More »

How to Test a Hard Drive Read Speed?

It's important to regularly check in on the speed of you computer to recognize any slow or inhibiting software. You can download free software and locate the drive you want to test. The software wo... Read More »