What is the D drive on a computer used for?

Answer Although the "D: drive" on a computer often represents the CD or DVD drive, it's possible to change the letter assignment on all of your computers drives. This means that the "D: drive" can represe... Read More »

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Is there any way to find out whether Flash/ Pen Drive has been used on a computer ?

"Recent Files" folder may show the links to the missing removable drive (If not already cleared)

Can a flash drive be used like a password for a computer it has to be plugged in for the comp. to work?

That's called a "dongle." We use them where I work as keys to use our wide-format printer software. I've also seen them used with laptops so that you can't use the computer without the dongle con... Read More »

My computer used to make a clicking noise and now it wont detect my HARD DRIVE!?

I'm a level 2 tech. Whenever we hear the "clicking" noise at work, we know that a hard drive is dying. If you think about it, the only thing that could be clicking in a computer would have to be ... Read More »

The USB Points On The back Of My Computer Won't Work, They Used To Work, But Since I Connected A Flash Drive?