What is the Cost of Renting a Moving Truck?

Answer The cost of renting a moving truck is generally between $20 and $30 per eight hour period. This number will depend on the size of the truck being rented and the rental facility being used. In addit... Read More »

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How much does a moving truck cost?

Although the moving service for a long-distance relocation is federally regulated based on weight, there is still a relatively large discrepancy between moving companies. If you are moving long dis... Read More »

How do I calculate how much gas will cost in a moving truck?

Estimate the size of the truck you will need to move all of your belongings. Read the descriptions provided by moving truck rental companies to determine the smallest sized truck you will need. Cal... Read More »

A tree limb punctured through the overhead fiberglass compartment on my rented moving truck but didn't do any damage to the vehicle itself. How much will it cost to repair?

Does a light truck or a heavy truck moving with the same momentum require more work to stop?

A light truck and a heavy truck traveling at the same momentum and coming to a stop over the same distance would require the same work to stop. In order for them to be traveling at the same momentu... Read More »