How to Run a Committee?

Answer Committees can be extremely difficult to run, considering that members are volunteering their time to serve and have many additional obligations to fulfill in their daily lives. Being the chairpers... Read More »

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Which committee initiates all U.S. tax law?

All tax laws in the United States originate in Congress in the Ways and Means Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. The House's role, and the committee's authority, are largely derived f... Read More »

How to Put Together Your Own Pretty Committee?

Do you want to have your own pretty committee like Massie Block? If the answer was "Yes.", then read this article to become a successful leader and to have the tightest group of friends in town.

How to Have a Pretty Committee?

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How to Have a Pretty Committee Spa Day?

Did you always want to hold or go to a Pretty Committee Spa? Read on!