What is the Colorado law on power of attorney for the elderly?

Answer Colorado law allows the elderly and the disabled to appoint a power of attorney allowing an agent to make decisions on their behalf.ScopeAs proof that an agent is authorized to make decisions on be... Read More »

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How do I become the power of attorney for a disabled elderly parent?

Physically DisabledIf a parent is physically disabled but still of sound mind, you can hold the power of attorney by drafting a power of attorney and having the parent sign it in front of a witness... Read More »

What is a T-19 power of attorney?

A T-19 power of attorney is a document used in the state of Georgia. It allows a company, corporation or partnership to assign an employee the right to sign on behalf of the company when executing ... Read More »

What is a power of attorney for a trust?

A power of attorney for a trust is a legal document that gives a person the authority to act on behalf of another person for specific matters regarding his trust.MisconceptionsA power of attorney d... Read More »

What is covered by a power of attorney?

Power of attorney can cover specific items, such as paying the mortgage on a house, or it can be broad where the person who has been authorized handles all matters for another, such as selling real... Read More »