What is the Coastal Plain Toad's call?

Answer A rattling trill of 4-6 seconds is the call of the Coastal Plain Toad (Bufo nebulifer, Anaxyrus nebulifer). Specifically, the voice of the Coastal Plain Toad is similar to that of the American Toa... Read More »

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Coastal Storms & Effects on Coastal Erosion?

Ocean waves are always eroding coastlines to some extent: shifting beaches, molding seastacks and cliffs, dragging stones and sand and driftwood. But they can accomplish the most dramatic work when... Read More »

How to Take Care of Toads?

Toads are amphibians in the same family as frogs. Toads are typically brown and have dry, lumpy skin. The lumps on a toad's skin help the animal blend into its surroundings. Although some toads ca... Read More »

How to Keep Toads Alive?

All toads belong to the order Anura and the family Bufonidae. These amphibians are drier and contain more warts than frogs and are found across the world in both dry and tropical climates. Accordin... Read More »

How to Find Toads?

Catching toads can be fun, but you have to locate them first. Knowing where to find a toad can benefit you greatly if you want to catch one. Toads are elusive creatures, however, by taking the prop... Read More »