What is the Chinese method of furniture arranging?

Answer The Chinese method of arranging furniture, better-known as "Feng shui," is based on the principle that a cluttered room makes a cluttered mind. Understanding the foundations of feng shui can maximi... Read More »

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What to Use on Chinese Laquered Furniture?

The golf handicap was introduced by the U.S. Golf Association as a way to make scoring more equal between advanced and average golfers. After playing a certain number of golf rounds, you can calcul... Read More »

How to Fix Carpet Indentations from Furniture Legs (Wet Towel and Iron Method)?

Moving furniture around? Here's how to fix those indentations so you're not staring at them all the time.

What is the difference between moderne furniture vs modern furniture?

Moderne: Striving to be modern in appearance or style but lacking taste or refinement; pretentious. Modern: Of or relating to recent times or the present

In what year was the JD Furniture Company of Bronx New York making bedroom furniture with lion head hardware?

==Answer== The lion's head motif was popular in the mid 1800's. I did not find a JD Furniture Company.