How much is underground parking on Charles Street in Boston?

Answer For those entering between the hours of 6 a.m. and 4 p.m., the underground parking lot on Charles Street in Boston, the Boston Commons Garage, charges $8 for up to one hour, $12 for up to two hours... Read More »

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Who was ovens river named after?

Allowing frozen food to thaw either by leaving out in room temperature or in a microwave defrost cycle. Or when a refrigerator temporarily warms up to melt away frost in the freezer compartment.

What is named after the Rhine River?

The Rhineland an area of Germany between the town Bingen and the Dutch border, derives its name from the River Rhine, which runs through the area. Between the two World Wars, the Rhineland referred... Read More »

What sharp turn in a river is Big Bend National Park named after?

The Rio Grande River forms the southern edge of Big Bend National Park. At one point, the Rio Grande creates a bend where it changes from a southeastern course to a northeastern one. Big Bend Natio... Read More »

What is the name of Charles's best friend in the 1984 TV series"Charles in Charge"?

Buddy Lembeck is Charles's best friend in the television comedy "Charles in Charge," which starred Scott Baio. The character was played by Willie Aames. Aames also played Tommy Bradford on "Eight I... Read More »