Where is the U.S. embassy in Madagascar?

Answer The United States Embassy in Madagascar is located in the city of Antananarivo in the central part of the island. All United States citizens wishing to visit the country must have a valid passport ... Read More »

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What is the national capital of Thailand and in what year did the city become the capital?

The capital city of Thailand is Bangkok. It was declared the nation's capital in 1782 by Rama I after the previous site of Ayutthaya had been destroyed by the neighboring armies of Burma.Source:CIA... Read More »

Is the capital of Alaska east or west of the capital of Hawaii?

The Hawaiian capital city Honolulu is at coordinates, 21.30 degrees North and 157.82 degrees West. The Alaskan capital Anchorage is at coordinates, 61.19 degrees North and 149.76 degrees West. This... Read More »

How many Madagascar boas are left?

Although a rough estimate of the population of Madagascar ground boas has not been released by environmentalists due to insufficient data, the species had been listed as vulnerable to becoming enda... Read More »

Release date of Madagascar 2 on DVD?

February 6, 2009 ( )