What was the first Broadway play?

Answer No one knows what the first play ever to be performed in the area was, but the first long-running play on Broadway was a musical called "The Elves" in 1857. However, "The Black Crook" from 1866 is ... Read More »

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What is the definition of a Broadway play?

A Broadway play is defined as any type of musical or play that has been performed in Manhattan, New York City on Broadway--home of many major theaters. Having a performance on Broadway is often con... Read More »

How to Dress for a Broadway Play?

When seeing a Broadway play for the first time, there can be lots of confusion over how to dress for a Broadway play. This article will describe what is generally acceptable.

How to Understand and Enjoy a Broadway Play?

Whether it's your first or 50th time seeing a Broadway play, I think it's common knowledge that it can be a magical experience. But in order to enjoy it to its fullest, you need to know all you can... Read More »

How much does it cost to produce a Broadway play?

The cost of producing a Broadway play can be high, with the minimum costs of production running at least $10,000,000. Production costs vary based on factors such as how long the play will run, acto... Read More »