What is the Black Thing on the back of a new iPod touch?

Answer It's the wi-fi antenna. It picks up the wi-fi signals so safari and other apps can use the internet.

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Is there such thing as an ipod touch 5g?

There isn't such thing as an iPod touch 5th gen. But there is but what I mean is when people say 'I have an iPod touch 5g' what they mean is they have a white iPod and white iPods re shipped with i... Read More »

If i back up my ipod touch and then restore the back up will all the saved data of the games stay?

Unfortunately no. But a lot of games that require an account usually keep your progress on their servers so when you restore it should still be there.

IPhone 5 & iPod touch 5 same thing?

Basically. They both run apps, are able to go on the internet, etc. They are practically the same. The iphone is only different because it can text, call and use data.

Is restoring and reseting the same thing for an Ipod Touch 4g?

reseting will restore the default way your ipod came with nothing like apps and photos deleted but will remove like wallpaper to what it was when u got it, restoring will restore everything delete ... Read More »