Can you show me a verse in the Bible that says eat only veggies?

Answer lol no there isntedit: you're welcome :)

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I need to tell my coach a result for a blood test I never got that says my ferritin level is low what do i say?

Your coach needs to know the truth for your own safety.Don't lie.

Everytime i leave the internet a window comes up and says this memory cant be read, what is that?

If it's any help, you're not the only one who gets these kinds of messages. Sometimes you can search the error number and find out what it is. More often than not you can't. In this case it seem... Read More »

My friend says they will not let her leave England until she buys travel insurance?

Read your policy - in most cases it will describe your options if you disagree with the company. If you don't find or are dissatisfied with the information, contact an attorney in your area. Laws v... Read More »

My 7 year old daughter made me pinky swear that i would never leave her?

I have been living with a heart condition for 10 years. I race stock cars and live a busy life. You do not have an expiration date stamped on you so get rid of a bit of stress (bad for your heart) ... Read More »