What is the Best RG59 Cable?

Answer Hi Ian: That cable you refered to is called "Siamese cable" meaning it's RG-59 coax + an outer power cable "twinned" to it (as a single run) for powering a remote camera. If that's the purpose for ... Read More »

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How to Use RG59 Cable for Digital Cable?

The RG59 is a coaxial cable used for analog televisions. The cable is not directly compatible with digital cable services (due to its inability to transfer higher bandwidth signals); however, if yo... Read More »

What is the difference between an rg6&rg59 cable?

In the United States you typically have two choices when it comes to delivery of your television signal from the source (cable junction or satellite dish) to the decoder (set-top box or internal te... Read More »

Should I use RG6 or RG59 coaxial cable for my plasma?

On One Hand: They are interchangeableRG6 coaxial cable serves the same function as RG59 cable. RG6 is essentially an improved version of the RG59; they both feature the same makeup, except the RG6 ... Read More »

Will a RG59 work for digital cable?

RG59 coaxial cable is not recommended for digital cable installation due to possible signal loss of the higher channels. The National Association of Home Builders recommends using RG6 coaxial cable... Read More »