How long did the Berlin Wall divide the city?

Answer The Berlin Wall separated East and West Berlin for 38 years. Construction of the wall, which completely encircled West Berlin, began in 1961. The Berlin Wall fell in 1989, amidst widespread protest... Read More »

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What is the music on d-day to Berlin by the BBC?

One of the musical scores is composed by Arvo Pärt. The other one I don't know.

What Is the Berlin Blockade?

After World War II, the Soviet Union and Western countries vied for control of Europe in a period known as the Cold War. One event that cemented their roles as adversaries was the Berlin blockade, ... Read More »

What is the loudest nightclub in Berlin?

What was the result of the berlin conference?

The Berlin Conference took place between 1884 and 1885. It was a meeting of several European powers that resulted in the General Act of the Berlin Conference. This act regulated trade and colonizat... Read More »