What is the Bankruptcy Length of Time Until the Final Use of Credit?

Answer If you know you are going to file bankruptcy, you might believe you can run up your unsecured lines of credit because you can discharge most of it anyway. Unfortunately, many debtors fall for this ... Read More »

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What is the bankruptcy length of time until the final use of credit?

Credit used 60 days prior to filing a motion of bankruptcy in U.S. Court will be considered as nondischargeable. Additionally, using a credit card after consulting an attorney to file bankruptcy ma... Read More »

What Is the Length of Time a Foreclosure Stays on Your Credit Record?

A foreclosure could damage your credit for years, making it difficult or impossible to get competitive rates on credit cards and loans. However, the impact of the foreclosure on your credit will le... Read More »

Does the biological father still pay support until the adoption is final?

It is generally of extremely questionable morality and ethics to reverse an adoption; if the child had been born to you naturally, would you relinquish parental rights given the same "problem"? If ... Read More »

Will Bankruptcy Clear the Final Judgment?

A "final judgment" is a written order signed by a judge at the end of a lawsuit. The final judgment makes a judicial determination of all issues in the lawsuit, which generally means the final judg... Read More »